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Marc Richard Rubin
The Most Diverse World Artist Of Our Time
Marc Rubin finished his college education in 1972. In 1973 he entered his thesis
painting, "Ladies Of The Canyon", pointillism, surreal subject, acrylic on canvas 48x58
inches, in the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago Competition. His unanimous
inclusion into the exhibition by 3 visiting museum curators and James Spiers curator of the
Art Institute created profound recognition for a very young Marc Rubin. Within one year
his works were shown and sold in Europe, Chicago and New York City.
“Ladies Of The Canyon”
Pointillism - Synchronism, 48x58 inches, 1973
The Mountain Of Sinai 1978
Abstract Expressionism 66 x 96 inches
Even before Marc Rubin began his thesis work in pointillism he was absorbed in classic
modern art. Marc had been exposed to the Art Institute of Chicago from his early
childhood through his parents' love of art. He would meet and become friends with
Jean DuBuffet and Salvador Dali in the mid 1970's. While Dali saw incredible magic in
pointillism Rubin found that magic in Henri Matisse’s Fauvism, George Braque's Cubism
and Jean DuBuffet's Abstract Expressionism.