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Caviar 101
Serving Caviar
Simple serving basics: With the best caviars, less is more.
Purists serve it unadorned on softly toasted bread spread
with sweet butter. Many people serve caviar, especially
lesser grades, with little bowls of chopped onion, chopped
egg, or sour cream accompanied by toast or plain crackers.
A little caviar can go a long way. For a fast appetizer,
spoon a dab of sour cream into an artichoke bottom or
Belgian endive leaf and top with caviar.
Buying Caviar
aviar is a matter of personal preference, so it's best to
shop for it where you can taste before purchasing. These
salted eggs or roe harvested from female sturgeon are clas-
sified according to the type of sturgeon from which they
are gathered. Prices correlate to egg size, a factor
determined by the age of the salmon when the egg is
harvested. Beluga, the most expensive of the three (around
$89 an ounce for Iranian), has the largest eggs and is often
described as having the mildest flavor.