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used in dress patterns flatter a woman’s
shape. Worn as show below with a low
neckline direct the eyes to the cleavage,
while artistic pattern conceal a tummy or
other body areas. This combination can
also can create the impression of an hour
glass figure.
The designs illustrated on this page are
from a well established artist, Marc
Rubin. Marc Rubin’s innovative work
truly captures the essence of Cubism
moving it forward for a new generation
to understand, to appreciate and to
value the expression of art. Marc Rubin
has created original patterns for limited
production with elite upscale
international designers.
The Richard J. Daley
Center is home to a famous CUBISM
work of art. Picasso's creation is
absolutely cubism in a 3 dimensional
form. If it was a painting it would be
flat - 1 dimension.
Fashion & Art
The designs illustrated on this page are from as well
established artist Marc Rubin.
In 1903 as advancements in camera technology blossomed, artists
newly emerging from Fine Art schools found their initial career
income, usually achieved through portraiture, had been greatly
replaced by B/W photography. George Braque railed against this
invasion by using basic Fauve principles. He sought to achieve
what photography could not. Whether he painted a still life from