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– she does what excites
her – she helps others shine, using her
innovative style and direction to give her
clients a new image while tailoring this
new image to each client’s needs. For four
years, UR Supermodels has been Asha’s
innovative boutique, model and artist
management firm. Her makeover clients
have seen long term returns – whether it
be for a new job promotion, a photo shoot,
a new ad for a window or website, or
helping athletes, corporate groups, even
teenagers or moms in need of a new look.
Asha’s talents appear limitless with roles
and available services that include: stylist,
creative director, art director, fashion
consultant, personal shopper,
image/brand consultant and manager,
event host/guest speaker, fashion show
producer/director workshop team leader,
blogger, and correspondent. Under the
radar, Asha has been quietly shifting the
local fashion scene – but this well kept
secret is finally coming to the surface.
She started by simply creating marketable
looks for models within her company,
which then transitioned into helping in-
dustry made friends, starving artists, and
local celebrities. Without anyone (even
Asha) realizing, everyone around her
began requesting her in panic moments –
and almost instantaneously, expectations
would be met.
After pulling what seemed impossibl
fashion tricks out of her ‘chapeau’ it was
Sandra Smith-Doghmi, at Red Carpet
Concierge, who gave her the title,
“It Happens With Asha”. Asha modestly,
but respectfully, chuckles at Sandra’s
added words like, “Fashion Einstein”.
She is just doing what she loves, and it
hasn’t gone unnoticed. Asha has made
her mark by creating themes for red car-
pet events such as: the Terra Museum of
Americab Art (2008), the Newberry Li-
brary (2009), and the 80,000 square foot
Architectural Artifacts Museum (2010).
Her achievements have gained buzz from
artists in New York and Los Angeles,
who have recognized her ability to create
firsts in model and brand management.
Spacek has made it part of her long term
mission to be part of the non-profit sector;
helping charity awareness and fundrais-
ing using the arts to groups as Aid-
sChicago, Lupus Research Institute,
Hamdard, and many others. Asha cre-
ates dramatic images to produce visual
effects that promote curiosity, fascina-
tion, sensuality…read more about Asha
on her website.
"It Happens With ASHA"
Image Maker Creating Long Term Returns for Clients
Asha Specek, founder of
has earned local and
international publicity,
by developing “IT” for
celebrities, emerging
artists, charities,
and businesses.
Asha often shares,
"to achieve success
Have Faith,
Not Fear...!"
CHICAGO: Talent on the Rise