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Are you in a truly
fulfilling relationship?
Do you have a
great sex life?
If the answer to either of those questions
comes up negative, you might take a
lesson from the seahorse. Apparently
these unusual creatures of the ocean
have the secret to a long and happy
What is the secret?
Dr. Amanda Vincent of Oxford
University's department of zoology in
Canada studied the unique mating and
reproductive process of the seahorse and
uncovered many of their mating rituals.
For starters, they have only one mate
for life. Yes it’s true. No partner is
abandoned for a younger seahorse
or for one with a bigger habitat, and
no secret rendezvous in the sea grass
near the coral reef next door. It is
believed that this lifetime
relationship enables the seahorse
“couple” to become an efficient and
effective baby-making team,
producing around 1,000 young per
year, a family large enough to break
up even the happiest of couples.
Yet, these two dedicated lovers
remain steadfast in their commitment to
each other. When mating, the female
seahorse deposits her eggs (100-600) in
the male brood pouch and the male
fertilizes them internally. The male
carries the eggs in his pouch for three to
six weeks. He then releases the fully
formed, miniature (only one centimeter
long) seahorses into the water. Sounds
like a plan – daddy seahorse is just as
important as mommy in bringing their
baby seahorses into the world. No
wonder they remain so close.
What a team!
To further reinforce their bond, the
happy couple greets each other every
morning and sometimes in the evening,
an interesting yet sometimes overlooked
mating ritual. They spend the rest of the
day separated, the male takes care of the
eggs and the female goes out to hunt for
food. Ah yes, absence does make the
heart grow fonder.
Even before Dr. Vincent’s discovery, the
mystical seahorse has a long been
viewed with awe, a kind of submarine
saint. The seahorse looks like a Gothic
hallucination, with the profile of a horse,
the snout of an anteater, and the
spiraling tail of a dragon curling inward
towards its belly and head. The scientific
name for the seahorse is hippocampus,
Greek for "bent horse."
Seahorses range in length from about a
1/4 inch to 14 inches and come in a
variety of colors and species. They swim
vertically, as if by magic, beating their
fins up to 70 times a second. These one
of a kind species of the deep blue are
found in temperate and tropical coastal
waters all over the world. Seahorses live
a happy and fulfilling life, but they also
provide many services for us on land.
Ground up and mixed with herbs,
seahorse has been used by the Chinese
for centuries to treat many illnesses such
as: arteriosclerosis, kidney disease,
respiratory infections, and circulatory
The Chinese have also
used seahorse as an
The Chinese have claimed it as a possible
cure for infertility and sexual impotence,
but we could expect nothing less from
our fertile friends from the sea. Mix
some seahorse with a few herbs and
throw away that bottle of Viagra.
And yes, seahorses can also be eaten.
Whole seahorses are made into soup.
The taste is similar to dried scallops. The
Cantonese have a Seahorse Soup recipe
that calls for 4 seahorses, pork stock,
ginger and carrots. It is considered an
added benefit to the meal if the male
seahorse happens to be pregnant.
Of course one must be careful when
trying to eat the seahorse. They are
served anatomically intact.
All this demand for the power of the
seahorse has caused an international
sensation, with trade, mostly dried
seahorse used for medicinal purposes,
valued at $40 million a year.
The best quality seahorses
used in traditional Chinese
medicine are the smooth,
pale, large seahorses—now
selling in Hong Kong for
up to $550 per pound.
So it seems that the seahorse is valued
all over the world to cure what ails us,
to provide a gourmet meal, and yes to
improve our sex lives and teach us a
little lesson on how to keep that love
Sea Horse Cocktail
60ml Vodka, 30ml Apple Juice
30ml Cranberry Juice
1 teaspoon Pernod
1 teaspoon fresh Lime Juice
To make
pour all
over ice
and serve.
with mint
Special Interest Article
This article provides factual information
presented in a humorous way.
East meets West • Medicine and Beauty