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You’ve heard about Capone and the
gangsters. Now listen to award-
winning fiction writers like Billy
Lombardo, Tony Ardizzone, Adria
Bernardi, Tony Romano, Tina
DeRosa and others tell the REAL
It's not inconceivable that the "blue
collar" art collector could express the
style of art with words. The works
arte sensational, with the most
profound influence art and fashion.
Top scholars in history, literature,
sociology like Rudolph Vecoli, Fred
Gardaphe, Dominic Candeloro,
Robert Lombardo, Peter Venturelli,
Thomas Guglielmo, and others
reconstruct ALL of Chicago’s Italian
Sports magnate Jerry Colangelo
reminisces about growing up in
Chicago Heights. Edited by Dominic
Candeloro, author of 4 books on
Chicago’s Italians and Fred
Gardaphé, Melrose Park native and
Distinguished Professor of Italian
American Studies and English
at The Calandra Institute,
Queens College.
Sample some of the best writing
about Chicago’s Italians by authors
who lived it on the street and are
determined to preserve the history
and culture of their gritty ancestors.
Story after story in this anthology
busts the superficial stereotypes
about one of Chicago’s most
colorful and successful ethnic
There is something for everybody in
this eclectic volume. Every reader
will find a topic or a writer they will
want to know more about.
Publication of Reconstructing
Italians in Chicago Compiled and
edited by Dominic Candeloro and
Fred L.Gardaphe` is a major step
toward making Chicago’s Italians
the best documented (and best
understood) in the nation.
$29.99 + Shipping $2/ book—
Order by mail: Books, Casa Italia,
3800 Division St., Stone Park, IL
60165. For info: 708-345-5933 or
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Arts & Literature
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Soon To Be Released
After reading the
manuscript, the Vigoré
review committee was
intrigued with the writing.
“One generations passes
away and another
generation comes, but Earth
abides in its own life cycle.
The people wrestle not
against flesh and blood,
but against principles,
against the challenge to
find their purpose and
path, against powers,
against rulers of
darkness, against
spiritual wickedness in
high places.”
This science fiction story
reflects many real life
situations and portrays a
possible future view of
the extended universe.
The Vigoré committee
found a common thought.
“If we had this knowledge
30 years ago it would have
made things so much easier.
The questions and tips
covered in this book will
allow men to discovered a
woman’s inner beauty and
hopefully wonderful
experiences to be shared.
The questions reveal a
woman’s personality and
The 38 questions approach is
meant to open a man’s mind to
communicate with women in a
romantic, playful and still
serious meaningful way
developing a relationship be it
friends, dating or long term