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People of all skill levels, from
beginners to advanced dancers, discover
more about dance at
Chicago Dance
. Since
1976 Students have been getting fit, having
fun and building romance in all styles: Salsa,
Tango, Ballroom, Swing, Hip-Hop and Latin.
The School Directors for the last 11 years,
World Champions Gregory Day and
Tommye Giacchino, have taken their
passion for dance along with their extensive
experience and dedication to make Chicago
Dance the 'Best Place in Chicago for Dance
Lessons' according to
Chicago Magazine.
School Director Giacchino says "One of the
most exciting things for me is to inspire a
brand new student into trying different
styles of dance. They may come in for Salsa,
and then later try a Waltz, and discover
how much fun it is. To see the students
grow to love dancing so much that it
becomes a passion and a hobby is truly
inspiring. Dance is such a positive
experience in their lives, and it is a reward
for me to watch the pleasure and joy that
dance brings to them.
Over the years, I've trained many students
that have taken their dancing to various
levels of expertise: an enjoyable past time,
a serious hobby that includes performing
and competing and numerous students who
have turned dance into full-time careers,
teaching and performing.
Along with adult students, Chicago Dance
has a Kid's program that is opening up
Ballroom and Latin Dance to the youth of
Chicago. The program is important part
of what Chicago Dance does says School
Director Day, "Dance teaches kids how
to work together, be good teammates, show
respect to their peers and build self-
confidence. You see the kids grow in all
these positive ways so quickly and what
they learn in the school flows into their
interactions outside of the dance studio."
Getting ready for a wedding? Chicago Dance
helps with that too. We offer a special
package where the bride and groom meet
with an instructor for private lessons.
The first dance will be choreographed and
rehearsed, an entrance and finish prepared
and a few extra dance moves to use during
the reception and for the rest of their lives
What separates Chicago Dance from other
Ballroom and Latin dance schools? Well,
according to the manager, Kelly Bartlett, one
important element is the experience, passion
and commitment to the students that the
instructors bring. "Teaching for them is more
than just a job, its a passion they take very
seriously." In addition, Chicago Dance uses
a unique proven method to help their
students master dance as quickly as
Chicago Dance offers group classes, private
lessons, wedding preparation and kids
classes at two locations: 3660 W. Irving
Park Road, Chicago and 415 W. Huron
St., Chicago.
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Chicago Dance: Two Locations
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