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Branding is critical…
In order for a business to thrive, you need to think
about how you communicate information about your
product and what it does. You need a brand. Care-
ful planning in this area can make or break a new
company. Vigore met up with Judy Curtis, Principal
at Curtis Creative Design to ask some pertinent ques-
tions about this issue.
What exactly is branding?
JC: Ha! Well, there are actually entire books written
about what branding is and how to go about it. To
put it briefly, I guess I would say it is the creation of
a look and feel for a company, product, service or
campaign that is expressed through visual means like
a logo, packaging, website or through the use of a slo-
gan/tagline. This is the basics, but it can also move to
other areas like audio and video. The same look and
feel is carried through on all pieces like brochures,
packaging, websites, ads, commercials, etc. providing
a way for a consumer to identify a brand. A product’s
brand tells us about what it is, what it does, who buys
it, and the company behind it. But, it is more of a feel
for these things than actually spelling it out. It is con-
necting emotionally. It is a person’s gut reaction to a
company or product.
Why is branding important?
JC: OK, here is an extreme example, but actually a
true one. Say, you have a great product or service, but
don’t want to spend the money on hiring a profes-
So, you’ve decided to put that great idea into motion.
You have created a great product, started a company,
and people are interested. Now what?