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The personality type of the child: eager,
terrified, or timid, determines the type of
teacher best suited for his needs. It is our
hope, that through theserelationships, each
child will learn to love the water. This leads
to the ultimate beauty of the art of
swimming; the relationship between the
child and the water. Over time, with
practice, focus, and determination, the
puzzle pieces fit together as the
masterpiece begins to take shape.
Whether it is marriage, family, or a career
change, life is about timing. In swimming,
timing is everything. If it’s baby’s bath, a
swim class, or the perfection of a skill
required to master a swim stroke, timing
is another key piece in the art of
swimming. As a professional swim
teacher, identifying the exact timing for
progression at every stage is critical for
success. Knowing when to transition a
child from bubble blowing with a wand
to bubble blowing in the water, from
breath holding to exhaling at the surface
level, or to underwater swimming, the
timing is crucial with even the most basic
skills. An individualized approach to the
of each new
step meets the
needs of all
our children.
The use of proper timing is one of the
reasons we have successfully taught so
many children the art of swimming
The art of teaching swimming is a gift.
It is the art of teaching that puts all the
puzzle pieces together and creates a
lifelong swimmer and a beautiful
is the founder and CEO of
Swimtastic Swim School
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This is the art
of swimming
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