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Going strong in our seventh year of business , Swirlz Cupcakes’ reach is ever-broadening. What started as a cozy niche in the heart of Lincoln Park has quickly spread across the street to the once home of Children’s Memorial Hospital, out to the twenty regional Whole Food grocers, and across the nation in the form of our new shippable Chocolate Chunk Cookie, which is free of gluten, soy and dairy.

Each tasty treat, whether cupcake or cookie, is made fresh on-site by our dedicated Swirlz pastry chefs. Creating the perfect cupcake is a meticulous process that begins around midnight with the preparing of our homemade buttermilk batter and continues throughout the morning as customers begin to line up at the door. The cupcakes are baked in small batches to ensure the quality and integrity of the cake. Each cupcake is then hand-piped with the trademark whipped Italian butter cream swirl and individ-ual, flavor-specific garnish. It is worth noting that our Swirlz team has come up with over 750 flavors since the brand’s conception. Why so many flavors? It comes back to the brand itself— we are here to make you happy.

Whether it’s the Twixie cupcake with its salted caramel butter cream and hidden short-bread cookie layer or the gluten-free Lemon cupcake filled with a homemade lemon curd that strikes a chord with you, there is truly a home-made goody for every customer. Swirlz prides itself on providing tasty desserts to an under-served gluten-free and vegan clientele. The gluten-free and vegan gluten-free cupcakes have

made such a name for themselves, people call up and stop by our little bakery from all over the country. In fact, it is for these customers that Swirlz broadened its scope and created the Chocolate Chunk cookie. If our gluten-free and vegan customers could not make it to us, we created a cookie that we could ship across the nation to them.

Swirlz Cupcakes is a brand built on individual atten-

tion and delivering

happiness to the cupcakes, to you, and to our community. Swirlz has served and continues to partner with neighborhood schools, large retailers including Macy’s and Nordstrom, Children’s Memorial Hospital, now the Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital, the Ronald McDonald House Children’s Charities Group, PAWS Chicago, the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, and many others. We are committed to

serving our customers and our community by bringing them our

own brand of happiness in the form of a cupcake or a cookie, and a smile.

Pam Rose and Brandon Mayberry, the hearts and minds behind the Swirlz brand, have put seven years of hard work, late nights, and even baked, iced and delivered

cupcakes themselves in order to see a cupcake dream come to fruition. It is by no accident that the Swirlz brand has risen to recognition and be-come a hallmark of the Chicago area that it is today. Even Martha Stewart has picked her favorite Swirlz Cupcakes flavor—our Chocolate Passion Fruit. Most days, you can find Pam in the Swirlz kitchen brainstorming new cupcake flavors—most recently a line of premium Greek yogurt cupcakes in unique Mediterranean flavor profiles, or in the store front, passing out smiles and cupcakes by the dozens. While Brandon began locally invested in Swirlz, his eminent opera career has carried him to The New York Metropolitan Opera House. But even from New York City, he keeps a finger on the pulse of the business, the Chicago community, and our faithful customers.

Pam and Brandon have lent their hearts and minds and breathed life into a brand that has become an entity unto itself. Ask any of the neighborhood kids who stop by after school for a cupcake, or the boyfriends who have proposed with a cupcake in our tiny store front, or the families at Ronald McDonald House who spend an evening decorating cupcakes with the Swirlz team— they will tell you, Swirlz Cupcakes delivers happiness. We are humbled to be a part of this community, privileged to be invited into your lives, and dedicated to providing our cus-tomers with the highest quality cupcakes, cookies, and smiles.

Photograph by Caitlin Saville Collins • C.Saville Photography •

Swirlz Cupcakes® Located in Lincoln Park! (773) 404-CAKE (2253) twitter: @swirlzcupcakes

Pam Rose, Partner Swirlz Cupcakes®

It takes all of a moment for the smiles and the smells to register when you walk into Chicago’s oldest all cupcake boutique

. As a brand as proud of its

cupcakes as it is of just making people happy, it is no surprise

Swirlz Cupcakes

stands out in a crowd.


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