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“The three Rs (as in the letter R) refers to the foundations of a basic skills orientated education program within schools: reading, writing and arithmetic.” It appeared in print as a space filler in "The Lady's Magazine" in 1818 though it is widely quoted as arising from a phrase coined in a toast given by Sir William Curtis MP in around 1825.

Since its original creation, many others have created new words for what the Rs stand for. Some have tried to update the 3 Rs as Relating, Representing and Reasoning. Advocates of traditional education question how students who struggle with basic skills can be expected to be successful at higher order thinking levels.

Unbelieveable, students are being coddled into accepting less then they can be. Next I will hear, the words “Fired and Failure” are banned from use because it is too harsh. “Released and Redo” will be the new words to cover situations when an individual does not meet the expected standards.

Are teachers still teaching?

Are grades important?

Student Student Question: Answer: What are the

If we treat our children like snowflakes how are they going to make it in the real world, with real jobs, competitive colleagues, work stress, relationship issues etc., if they can't even handle a red X mark on their school assignments?

The ban on red ink is bizarre. Red ink is the quickest way for pupils to see where they are going wrong . I give teachers who have ditched their red pens an F.


I don't feel the color of the ink a teacher uses makes a difference when giving feed back to the student on an assignment. I think the type of feedback is what is important. Feedback should be positive and constructive to help the student produce better work at a higher level of thinking. I tend to use non-red colors when I grade papers. I think bright colors of blue, purple, pink or orange are more pleasant to look at than red. Or, maybe I use these colors as a form of rebellion to the red ink I saw on my own assignments as a student.

One day, in my early years of teaching, when I was in the teachers' lounge, I watched an elementary teacher grade a student's language arts assignment. I didn't really know what the teacher's comments were or what the content of the student's work was but the student's paper was filled with teacher comments and at that time the teacher used red ink. The student's paper had more red ink than pencil that the

student had used to write the assignment. My thought was that the student needed more instruction from the teacher before completing that assignment. Hopefully that teacher retaught the student the skills needed to complete a good assignment that would earn a red inked smiley face at the top of the paper!

Students are coming up short in America’s educational system. Parents, family members and grandparents need to be more involved and take responsibility. Children do not want to learn detailed course material. Making children learn reading, writing and arithmetic is not easy. Students face many distractions from friends, social media and countless electronic games and devices.


Special Education Teacher


reading riting rithamtics

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