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Mediocre to Moxie

Crystal O’Connor

Moxie Entrepreneurs CEO

From Mediocre to Moxie. Fear of failure used to drive Moxie Entrepreneur’s CEO Crystal O’Connor. As a child growing up in Decatur, IL she thought struggle and mediocrity were the only options. Living in a trailer for some of her younger years with her family she swallowed words like “money doesn’t grow on trees” and “college isn’t for you, it’s for smart, rich kids.” At school she barely scraped by with a ‘C’ average and wore clothes other kids pointed and laughed at. She remembers once her socks getting wet through her Kmart brand tennis shoes and inserting a piece of rubber to the bottom to add a few more months of wear. Crystal dreamt of owning a pair of Nikes which at the time were all the rage. Being bullied in high school her freshman year for not wearing the latest fashions was the norm and failing three classes her first semester was just another reminder that she wasn’t good enough. While some kids feared not getting an ‘A’ in Biology, she feared getting to Biology class without getting bullied or humiliated.

By age 18 she was living in her car while trying to attend classes full time at a community college. After a short time of sleeping at a nearby park she decided to quit her classes and sell back the books she had bought. Walking out of the cam-pus book store that day she made the bold decision to spend all $43.00 of it on a safe hotel room for one night. Giving up and scraping by were all that she knew. Later, after a failed marriage she realized women tend to marry at the same level of their self esteem. She left with 3 kids, a two door sedan and a truck full of miscellaneous furniture. She was starting over but this time had 3 kids to feed.

Today, Crystal not only shares with others how to get Moxie in business but literally shows them how to get MOXIE with life as well. She has customers all over the world and flies them in to spend two days with her at her log home as she mentors them on how build Six and Seven figure businesses. She and her team treat them to R&R as they plan out their business and dream life …. Complete with website, business

plan, marketing calendar and the steps to take each day to reach their desires. Everything changed for her when she decided to hire a mentor herself after hearing author and speaker Bryan Tracy say “you become the five people you spend the most time with.” That statement gave her a jolt down her spine because at the time she realized she was surrounded by people that were horribly dissatis-fied with their lives and were the victims of their

circumstances …. And this she knew she didn’t want to be. In fact, she realized most of the people she’d surrounded herself with most of her life had similar victim mentalities and chose mediocrity over Moxie.

So, against many of those same peoples’ advice, she made a bold decision to invest in a mentor. That was the best decision Crystal made and she’s never looked back. Not only did she get the perspective she needed but she found that the Moxie she’d always had was just waiting to escape.

Her love of entrepreneurial ventures and inspiring others to create their own economy like she did is her mission and passion now. Turns out anyone can bounce back when they just make the decision. Failing early was one of the best things that could have happened to her. Having failed so much in her beginning life she realized it fueled her love of creating something out of nothing. She doesn’t fear being homeless or living in her car because she’s already done that. Once you’ve hit rock bottom she says…. there’s only one way to go…and that’s up. And when you apply moxie to your actions there isn’t anything that can’t be achieved and the speed of which you acquire it is only measured by the amount of moxie you give it.

Moxie means ambition and courage. Sometimes the only way to get Moxie is to believe you can acquire it. She says Moxie is Faith in Action. Action only comes with knowing full well what you don’t want and deciding what you do want. Most people for instance fear being homeless and it is a humbling experience however, once you’ve faced your fear you know exactly what to do to turn it around. That doesn’t mean you have to hit rock bottom, Crystal explains but it does mean you really need to roll up your sleeves and ask yourself “what is it that I really want? What is stopping me from getting it and what will happen if I don’t get it?” The answer to the

Vigore -

MOXIE is never Mediocre ...

Crystal not only obtained her Coll degree (the first in family) but excell sales and marketi sold commercial r estate, started sev businesses and no runs her favorite Moxie Venture fro her 4,000 square f log home overloo 25 acres of tranqu in Iowa with her t children.

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