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In 1919 the DADA Art Movement was declared dead when Fine Art painters and sculptors read the manifesto and walked away. The only artist of early promise to remain was Marcel Duchamp. His painting, "Nude Descending A Staircase" is still enjoyed as one of the greatest pieces of Cubism ever made but Duchamp decided to buy objects like a men's wall urinal or a bicycle tire and rename them declaring each to be a work of art.

By doing so he defined DADAism as anti-art that makes fun of Fine Art.

After a century of clandestine efforts we see all sorts of junk or common manufactured objects perpetrated upon us as "art with a message". Further, Fine Art constructs and Duchamp called many of his works deconstructions. Politically, Duchamp opposed World War I and identified with Individualist Anarchism, in particular with Max Stirner's philosophical tract “The Ego and Its Own”, the study of which Duchamp considered the turning point in his artistic and intellectual development.

It might seem that Duchamp wanted to gain attention as a quirky artist. In reality he had become a card carrying anarchist ready to assist in the political destruction of western civilization and morality for the sake of “ANew World Order” based in totalitarian social-communist control. With the backing of the world

progressive movement, located in Paris, he fought to remove the beauty and soul from art. He thought he could “re-invent

the purpose of the

wheel” in his found object piece, “Bicycle Wheel”.

Kurt Schwitters

was repulsed and was excluded fro m the Dada move-ment for actually making Fine Art with found objects. He reacted by naming a new style called “ The Merz ” (German

word for commerce) in opposition to anti-capitalism communist Dada. His work, “The Cherry Picture” tells a story in the tradition of Fine Art as opposed to Duchamp’s anti-art, “Bicycle Wheel”. Today, everyone understands what a collage is but there is still no artistic purpose for anti-art. Dadaism has led to today’s confusion, “what is art?”

Dadaism is anarchy

The Dada view that anything can be called art serves to demean personal opinion. In reality everything is not art. Dada says you should never read the title of a work of art because for it is meaningless. In fact it is the title that can immediately tell you whether you are viewing Art verses Dada non-art. Fine Art conveys a human message. Dada anti-art insults your intelligence and humanity.

Read Titles or Be Fooled

Understand that modern art starts in reality which is abstracted to enhance a message, create a new aesthetic or tell a fuller story than realistic art. We are often lured to approach what we perceive from a distance to be art but upon a closer look we become confused. It’s all in the title. Do the words relate to the piece? Are the words negative, cold or demoraliz-ing? Do the words open your imagination to a story or human message? Isn’t it curious that people still want to know why Mona Lisa is smiling but nobody wants to know why Duchamp bolted a bicycle wheel to a stool. You decide!

Dadaism has led to today’s confusion, “what is art?”

Nude Descending A Staircase - Duchamp

Fountain - Duchamp

Bicycle Wheel - Duchamp

The Cherry Picture - Kurt Schwitters

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