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About Leah Caplanis

SOCIAL Enjoyments is the brainchild of 31-year-old CEO Leah Caplanis. After eight years with Nestle USA, she quit and began fulfilling her dream of building a startup that matches her passions, health and happiness. After being diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2010, she began following a strict vegan diet and studying under the thought leaders in the holistic health community. On her road to recovery, she was ready to reintroduce drinks into her lifestyle. With cutting edge health practices and products at her disposal, she created a beverage that she could feel good about drinking and serving to her friends and fellow women of the world. She teamed up with brewmaster Ray Klimovitz, co-founder of Izze Beverage Co., and fellow graduates of The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business to create this lifestyle brand.

About Megan Clark

Megan Clark leads Social Enjoyment's Sales

Department, as the Vice-President of On-Premise Sales. Her primary areas include sales, intern development, health and wellness education. With 8 years experience in the alcohol beverage industry, she has shown proven success with distributors and suppliers.

Prior to joining, Social Enjoyments Megan worked for Pisco Porton as the Area and Regional Manager for the Mid-West Region. She launched the brand in Chicago, and followed with 5 other states shortly after growing the brand 150%. Megan managed the Brand Master, who trained hundreds of bartenders and mixologists in the region. From 2010 to 2012, Megan was the Assistant State Manager for Sidney Frank Importing Company. Previous to this, Meg worked for Major Brands Distributor as a Sales Analyst and Sales Representative. She holds a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Accounting

from the University of Missouri, Columbia. She is an active member of Fireside Chats and Christian Small Groups.

Megan is extremely passionate about health and fitness, which is why Social Enjoyments was a natural fit. Balance is very important to Megan, which she can find through the wellness elements in Social Enjoyments. Megan is a triathlete, who enjoys imbibing in cocktails and SOCIALs with friends and family often!

One mantra for 2014 is “Live in the present.” This is so important that we fully enjoy the journey to the goal. Life goes so quickly and you want to soak it all up and enjoy the majority of it. This isn't accomplished when you're spending time doing worthless paperwork and chasing goals that you aren't passionate about it. I want to help build not only a brand, but a category. A category for a woman like myself who enjoys a balanced life. To me balance is eating healthy and exercising my body and mind, while at the same time enjoying time with my friends and surrounding myself with inspirational people to learn from. I want others to

truly learn about ingredients and understand what we're putting in our bodies. I want everyone to understand what is meant through organic, sustainable, etc. Farming has changed the nation and lead to obesity and simply people don’t understand what they are putting in their bodies and are sold on clever marketing instead of education. I want to help teach people about pure ingredients. SOCIAL is all natural and organic which is easy for me to share and sell to others. It's a product I truly believe in and understand. Exercise is also very important to me. It starts my day and gives me mental clarity. I think an open mind leaves one open to many great moments and opportunities.

My second mantra of 2014 is "Dare to be." I leave it open ended because its always changing. Dare to be bold, dare to create change, dare to laugh, etc. To dare is edgy, progressive, and responsive. This journey we’re about to embark on is very daring and I can't wait to go along for the ride. Megan can be reached at or 312-852-8338.

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Page 25 - JanFeb2014

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