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• This plan creates a skyblocking wall. Although the widely spaced towers preserve some views from the 350 WMart Center (previously called the Apparel Center) outward, they will create eyesores from the outside looking in.  The generous space between the towers would shrink to a sliver if you looked at them from the bridges over the river's main branch. The towers would form a sky-blocking wall, like the massive, east-facing side of the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

• This plan provides for too much parking. More parking equals still more traffic congestion.  Chicago does not need to become New York City.  The developers want a parking garage with as many as 1,285 stalls. Willis Tower has just 160, although it's also served by a garage across the street.  It’s nice that the developers want to conceal their parking beneath park-like open spaces, but their vast garage would contradict talk that this would be a transit-oriented development, geared to the Metra and other energy-saving ways of getting around.

Though the plan for Wolf Point has many alarming flaws, it is not too late. We challenge the developers to come up with a better and more worthy plan for Wolf Point.  And we challenge Alderman Reilly to come up with a more comprehensive Master Plan for the communities surrounding Wolf Point. Both of these revised plans should be developed in collabora-tion with community organizations who represent Chicago cit-izens who are most impacted by them.  This includes the Fulton River District Association (FRDA), the River North Residents Association (RNRA), the River North Business Asso-ciation (RNBA) and Friends of Wolf Point (FoWP). 

“It’s not too late. Wolf Point deserves better. The city of Chicago deserves better.” - Ellen Barry

Ellen Barry, President of “Friends of Wolf Point” expressed to Vigore Chicago magazine “ Friends of Wolf Point is not against development but they want intelligent development.  Development that fits the future of this community, is safe, 

and adds to quality of life.”

Friends of Wolf Point is a not-for-profit, educational organization created by the residents of the Fulton River District and River North communities to ensure that future development of the Wolf Point site is in the best interest of the city and its current and future residents.  The mission of Friends of Wolf Point is to educate and inform the community about the historical significance and future development 

of Wolf Point. 

For more information about how you can support and contribute to this effort, go to their websi te at

View of Wolf Point with a park

as one of the major “green” cities in the world?

Imagine a Chicago Riverwalk connecting Goose Island and the lakefront.  Imagine seasonal flowers lining the Riverwalk, welcoming residents and visitors as they enjoy shops, restaurants, pubs, and plenty of outdoor activities. Chicago is a balance of people, man made structures and natural elements. From the rooftops to the river walk and the lakefront, city planners must realize the value of clean air and water. Could Chicago become a major green city?  Is there a plan for future investment in such a riverwalk?  The return would be well worth the investment.

Photograph taken in Saarburg, Germany by Peter Jezioro, is an inspiration and a reachable achievement for the great city of Chicago

Photograph by: 

Peter Jezioro

HICAGO’s future C

Page 29 - Vigore AUGUST 2012 copy

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