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By The Editors

How about having a celebri ty perform a live roast in y our home, online and interactiv e?! is g etting more and more people to d o just that. A professional c ome-dian selected from a playbil l of comics of different sty les will joke with you and your party guests and roast or prank any one of them over CelebTango’s online video chat platform. 

Requirements? Only a quality

internet connection and a webcam.

“Where we see big value in CelebTango is in the convenience it provides to both sides of the experience.  People holding parties can now have a live celebrity perform a personal, interactive show for them right in their own living room.  An entertainment option that was previously only available to people with huge budgets for in-person celebrity appearances is now accessible to everyone.  And our celebrities love it because they can perform from home, their tour bus, their hotel rooms, wherever they are.  It’s just a great proposition for both the performers and the fans,” says Gint Rudis, president of the Chicago-based company.  

Imagine planning out your next birthday party. There are all the usual options available: party at home or out at a venue; food, drink and sweets; mingling, dancing, games. Now have a celebrity comic VIRTUALLY “walk-in” to the party. “The response has been great,” summarizes Gint Rudis. “People love the experience; it’s such a cool, novel thing to do and nobody has ever really seen anything like it before.”  

Gint Rudis sees CelebTango changing the way we think about entertainment and the places it can happen. The company has named the whole interactive process between customer and entertainer a “Tango”. Customers record and save a copy of their Tango, then share it online for free.

For professional entertainment, “…maintaining the fidelity of the live comedy experience through a different medium”

is paramount, says Gint Rudis. HD-quality audio and video and advanced features have evolved in the CelebTango video chat technology. The CelebTango performances are light years ahead of the old Skype or Gchat glitchy experiences of picture stuttering and camera refocusing.

CelebTango was founded in January of 2012 by CEO Cayse Llorens and CTO Jon Kong.  The idea arose from a party that Cayse Llorens threw for his birthday (which he and Gint Rudis happen to share, May 14th).  “I wanted to do something big to celebrate that year and I’ve always been a big fan of comedy,” recalls Llorens who met Rudis originally at a Second City improv class while both were working as management consultants, “so I just booked three of my favorite local comedians to come to my house and perform in my living room and it was awesome.  Everybody loved it and a lot of people walked away thinking ‘hey, I’d love to do something like this for my next party, too!’ ”. Fast forward several months, tired of managing teams of software developers around the globe and around the clock, Llorens started CelebTango.  

What lies ahead for CelebTango?  Live comedy roasts are just the beginning.  The talent base is expanding beyond co-medians to include singers and other performers.  In corpo-rate settings, the CelebTango platform is appropriate for quarterly meetings, holiday parties, recruitment sessions, project milestone celebrations, or even the use of celebrity star power to deliver otherwise dry information such as ben-efits packages or safety lectures to employees. In public set-tings, the CelebTango live entertainment platform will be configured for bars, clubs, and other venues.

Gint Rudis envisions, When we really sit down and try to think about how far this direct-to-consumer ive entertainment model can extend, we get VERY excited.”

the future has arrived ...

A Comedian On Living Room Sh

.. an emerging new Chicago business

Page 39 - Vigore AUGUST 2012 copy

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