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The results of this “hairy situation” are as follows: Women Surveyed on Male Body Hair


Yes No Not an 


Do you prefer a neatly groomed man?                           57% 4% 35% The 4% liked the overgrown jungle man look 

Ever ask your man to remove unwanted body hair? 35% 65%                    

Does back hair on a man bother you?                           57% 4% 39%

Ever ask your man to remove back hair?                         17% 83%                  

Did your man remove back hair upon request?               75% 25%

Would you like your man to remove nose/ear hair? 91% 5% 4%

Would you like your man to remove toe hair?                  52% 48%

Would you like your man to trim/remove chest hair? 43% 13% 44%

Would you like your man to shave his legs?        22% 74% 4%

Would you like your man to trim/remove pubic hair? 65% 26% 9%

Do women like chest hair exposed? 30% 30% 40%

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Instyle InStyle


About the survey: 

Our manscaping survey was conducted at Victoria Salon, Chicago South Loop and InStyle Salon Suites in Barlett, Illinois, and with the help of Jess Piet, Vigore’s, special media director.  Women from age sixteen to sixty-one were asked to fill out a survey about male hair grooming, a trend that continues to grow in popularity as more and more men shave, trim, wax and even laser unflattering or unwanted body hair.  Of course, Vigore’s survey is not scientific, and is meant to be fun, but it is also meant to keep people informed about the latest issues concerning men and women.  So, we asked women if they wanted their man to remove or trim hair from certain areas of their body. 

Women were also definite on the subject of ear and nose hair. Every woman surveyed voted “yes” for ritual ear and nose hair removal. As for those hairy toes, women went almost 50/50, with half voting for hairless toes, and the other half didn’t care one way or the other.  And last, most women in our survey said they prefer their man to at least trim that most intimate area of male anatomy.  And a note to men; if you would rather groom the erogenous area at home, we found that you can rely on stores in your area for an ample assortment of at-home trimming devices. If you do opt for home trimming, good for you. But if you have your mate help, you should know that only a few women think using scissors is the best way to trim the “down low” zone. Quick tip ladies,  most men prefer to keep sharp objects away from that area. 

Overall, it seems women like the new trend of manscaping.  But ladies, if you are shy about asking your man to trim up, we suggest a gift certificate to show him you care but also to provide a subtle hint. Or, you might leave Vigore magazine lying around, open to this article. Who knows, it may be all your man needs to start his own manscaping trend.  And you both might enjoy the benefits.

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