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UNTITLED - Restaurant, Lounge & Music Speakeasy

Located in the heart of River North, hidden behind large unmarked doors at 111 W. Kinzie, lies a restaurant and lounge like no other. Visit Untitled and experience intimate spaces and grand see-and-be seen rooms. Craft cocktails, beer, wine and champaign from around the world complement Chef Joseph Heppe’s delicious cuisine. Untitled pays homage to the vibrancy of supper club and speakeasy establishments of the Prohibition Era. The food, drink and entertainment you find at Untitled entices you to have a taste, tap your feet and wet your whistle.

Untitled maintains a focus on American whiskies with a wide array of fine spirits and liqueurs not to over shadow the Scotch, Canadian & Irish Whiskies. Untitled touts the largest selection of American whiskey in the world. You’ll have to go for a visit in the Library to see the list. Untitled offers an array of craft cocktails or have a sip from the superior selection of wines and champaign from around the globe. 

"We get a great deal of people who tell us that it was about time someone brought New York to Chicago, my response is, it was time for someone to bring Chicago back to Chicago "

- Art Mendoza, COO UNTILTED

The many rooms allow for booking private dining for large parties, corporate functions, business meetings and large semi-private group bookings. The modular space allows to accommodate a wide array of events featuring several dining packages.

The menu is meant for sharing. Comprised of cheese, charcuterie, small and large plates, the options are numerous. Chef Joseph Heppe aims to utilize seasonal ingredients in a creative way, to excite the palate. Selections are inspired by the expansion of the American palette of the early 20th century. Modern twists create an approachable and delicious dining experience.

The Chocolate Ganache (creme brule) with Hazel

Nut Brittle is “oh baby delicious

- Cay Clark, Vigore Consultant

As you enter through the doors a staircase leads downstairs into Untitled and serves as a runway to grace the footsteps of the well dressed men and women. Awarm welcome with polite courteous service greets the guess. Allow your imagination to drift back to the 1920’s and 30’s Speakeasy era.  Sliding walls and doors divide the Library, Monkey, Main Room, Lounge and VIP Backstage areas which have their own allure and distinct feel.  

The chatter of voices and music drives the energy through the many rooms of the 18,000 sq. foot space. Big band groups perform at a sound level allowing comfortable conversation,  inspiring dancing on the main floor and stage.

Untitled has staying power with an unique mix of floor show entertainment, music, dinner menus, dancing and celebrity appearances. Untitled is a destination entertainment and dining location that can be enjoyed for several hours.

Vigore Chicago appreciates the cooperation, kindness and professionalism of Art Mendoza, COO, Patrick Lutz, Manager, and Shannon Smith, Maite D´ of III Forks. 

Page 57 - Vigore AUGUST 2012 copy

This is a SEO version of Vigore AUGUST 2012 copy. Click here to view full version

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